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Telescope buried in Antarctic ice detects elusive neutrinos

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From The Telegraph

The results promise to allow scientists to finally solve one of the enduring mysteries of our universe – the source of neutrinos and the galactic cosmic rays that produce them.

Scientists are eager to trace the source of high energy galactic cosmic rays as they believe it could allow them to see entirely new objects in the universe.

Cosmic rays are thought to play a role in cloud formation while there are also concerns that they can pose a health risk to cabin crew in aircraft and electronics.

Scientists, however, have hailed the discovery of the neutrinos as the birth of a “new era of astronomy”.

Professor Subir Sarkar, a particle astrophysicist at Oxford University who leads the British involvement in the IceCube experiment, said: “IceCube has detected evidence for extraterrestrial neutrinos for the first time – it is a historic moment.

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