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Web users inadvertently downloading child abuse images from hacked legit sites

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The Internet Watch Foundation, which is funded by companies including Google, EE, BT and Virgin Media, and works in the UK to takedown illegal content online, has revealed it has received 227 reports of this kind of hack over the past six weeks. That's around the same time the porn filter proposal by MPs gained headway, a proposal which recently culminated in an announcement by David Cameron that all ISPs will be expected to promote a default-on setting for those pornography-blocking new filters.

The filters have drawn a fair amount of criticism from the public and campaigners who argue it is the first step down the slippery slope to state surveillance, fears that were further exasperated by revelations about NSA's Prism programme, which surfaced around about the same time, and further revelations at the end of July that said filters could extend to subjects as harmful as anorexia websites, as vague as "extremist related content" and as seemingly harmless as smoking.

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