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US genomics company patents tailor-made babies but denies plans to ever use it

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Now, a patent acquired by 23andMe, a US genomics and biotechnology company, has been made public that seemingly outlines the technology for parents to custom design their babies. 23andMe have denied any such plans, however.

23andMe, who are based in California, are best known for their personal DNA test kits. For $99 (£61), a kit can be ordered, supplying the buyer with instructions on how to collect their own DNA in the form of a saliva sample.

After sending it back to the lab, buyers can expect to receive information on future health risks, DNA relatives and their ancestral history within months. The results can range from a susceptibility to diabetes to a family relative that you never knew existed.

But now, with 23andMe’s patent being made public this week, there has been speculation as to whether the company plan to take things one step further. The patent appears to offer prospective parents the opportunity to pick and choose their future child’s genetic make-up.

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