www.free-thinkers.eu SAS man who claims that Diana was murdered 'flees to Thailand in fear for his life'
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SAS man who claims that Diana was murdered 'flees to Thailand in fear for his life'

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From The Mail Online

The sniper - known only as Soldier N - made the claims to police investigators, leading to the inquiry into the Princess's death being reopened.

But he fled the country before Scotland Yard could properly examine the evidence, which was handed over by the Royal Military Police, reported the Daily Star.

Previous reports had placed Soldier N in an ex-part community in Dubai, but an anonymous military source had claimed it would be a hostile - and expensive - environment for him.

The source said: 'He will not be welcome in the Middle East as there is a large community of former SAS personnel who use Dubai and other locations as a base for their work.

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