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Brutal Repression of Students in UK Amid Mainstream Media Blackout

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A Comment from Twinsen

"Despite the title stating 'Mainstream Media Blackout', in truth there has been a  small mention in some mainstream media sources with video links from Youtube. However, there has been no real content provided as to what actuality happened on the day, only a post-incident reporting of events related to the protest today by students in London. Those articles have been linked beneath the main body of article".

An independent network of over 100 students occupied the headquarters of the University of London at Senate House, demanding that ”the University of London Union (ULU) remain in student hands – democratically run by students – and has its block grant returned, that all outsourced workers at the university are awarded a pension, that the ULU oppose the privatization of student loans, and that the financial statements of the University’s academic departments and non-academic services be published so that they can be scrutinized so that the University’s decisions can be properly held to account by the community.”

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What the mainstream media reported The Independent The Guardian The Telegraph The Guardian II
A statement from the Officers of University of London Union

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