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The €20bn mystery

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That’s enough money to cover the EU’s predicted budget shortfall for 2013. Nonetheless, no one is sure who it belongs to, and many doubt its very existence. Some sources have said it was sent by Saddam Hussein, while others offer the government of Iran as the owner. Those trying to claim it allegedly include Ukrainian spies, Chechen gangsters, al-Qa’ida members and even the Knights of Malta.

On 7 August, 2007, security company Brink’s flew from Frankfurt to Moscow and delivered 200 wooden pallets with €20bn in €100-notes owned by one “Farzin Koroorian Motlagh”, according to a Sheremetyevo delivery document printed by the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, which broke the story. The document does not list a recipient. Several Russian intelligence agencies took control of the shipment, which has not yet been claimed, the newspaper reported.

A source in a Russian intelligence agency reportedly told Moskovsky Komsomolets that the money could belong to Saddam Hussein, who allegedly had $12bn in cash brought to Moscow in 2002 and invested in real estate. But the source warned against digging too deep, saying: “This is more dangerous than you can imagine.”

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