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Elite Underground Tunnels & Cities Completely Stocked As Of March 2013

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According to several internet sources , there are underground cities beneath America , that are being ‘stocked up’, as confirmed by a truck driver in this video. These tunnels and cities stretch from Area 51 to the Denver International Airport ( The apparent head quarters of the New world order), from Maine to Washington DC. This compilation video explores all the proof that we now have that the ‘elite’ are preparing for ‘something big’ and that their ‘underground bunker systems’ were completely stocked up as of March 2013. With talk of impending ‘doom’ ranging from economic collapse to an approaching 2nd Sun and a pole shift on our sun, there’s a wide range of disasters they might be preparing for. 

Source: Elite Underground Tunnels & Cities Completely Stocked As Of March 2013 | Survival


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