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Million Mask March Nov 5th 2014: Remember remember we are legion, we are one

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513November the 5th is normally recognised as a day of fireworks, fun, bonfires and remembrance of the thwarting of a plot to kill King James the 1st and other Parliament members, by seven members of the conspiratory group of the gun powder plot of 1605. A rather odd day when you think about it, considering we are "remember remember"-ing and celebrating the day a group of men (particularly that of Guy Fawkes) were arrested and later executed.

However, this year millions gathered across the globe, in major cities, to stand unified against oppression and austerity. To stand up and show their countries governments that enough is enough and these acts of aggression and intolerance will no longer be tolerated. 431 countries capitals were met by thousands of protestors, once again donning the V for Vendetta mask of Guy Fawkes (the mask that has come to be know as the face of anonymous), to symbolise unison amongst the conscious masses.

Free-thinkers met with those in London Trafalgar Square, to document and participate in this just cause.

517Thousand stood strong in the square, littered over Nelson's column and everywhere else, before marching on to parliament in Westminster. Chanting, waving placards and banners, all there to illustrate their contempt for the government and their policies, that have been either long standing, or recently implemented. Be it Fracking, anti-war, increased tax, inflated MP wage brackets, through to the inaction against know pedophile rings and badger culling and so on. It was being illustrated to all that would listen, to help enlighten and educate those that have not already awoken to the great injustice and deception we are being told by our so called government, and to show those in power that we are not but a few, but we are many. we are legion and we are one.

512The protest march to Parliament was kettled in and met by a stockade at Westminster bridge, almost like that of a cattle pen. Surrounding this fenced enclosure were police in riot gear, and refused to move to allow the protest to continue down the road. A road mind you that is for public access. So, the protest train (after a long pause at Parliament) moved on to Buckingham Palace.

Once again, no coverage was made by any national news network, and the crux of this ridiculous media blackout was, if you wished to see what was going on in England, you had to stream this event live from a German news network (RT RUPTLY).

Now is it not quite telling when your country's own media, refuse to report on live events (on this grand a scale), that are happening on its own door step, yet they are willing to report on how the Kardashian's are getting on in their new TV show, how David Beckham has released a new perfume range, or scaring the general populous into believing your next door neighbour has Ebola, so you should "run for the hills"?

514The following morning I was quite surprised to see that some online media and some tabloid news papers had picked up the story.
However, I was not at all surprised to see that the primary element that they had picked up on, was the minority of the accumulated collective of protestors, who had acted out of turn and got arrested, or acted foolishly was "their" main story.
Although these select few acted as abhorrently as they did (throwing road cones at police officers and other moronic actions such as knocking over and/or throwing some of the temporary fencing, or letting off fireworks), there were only ten arrests made. This in itself illustrates the fact that these were a very small few of those there, and to tarnish all of those there with the same brush, based on the actions on these few, is some what ridiculous and nothing more than a foot note in the larger story (that being that thousands came out to protest getting screwed over by the government).
However (as usual), the MSM (or should I say "The Propaganda Machine") used these isolated incidents as an excuse to state that "London 'Guy Fawkes' protest sees 10 people arrested" (BBC online), my personal favourite of the listed headlines "Million Mask March protesters attack woman in London 'for having wrong accent" (a must read from the Evening Standard for its fabulous work in conjecture, hear-say and complete and utter b*llsh*t, and I know this, because I was actually there at the time of this so called "attack" and nothing like that happened) and finally "Chaos breaks out in London" (The Mail online).

Chaos? Really, chaos? How can this honestly be deemed as chaos? Please tell me Steph Cockroft of the Mail online. By definition alone we cannot call this "Chaos", FFS.

Definition of Chaos: Complete disorder and confusion

10 people throwing road cones (as idiotic as that is) is not Chaos. Now The Hackney riots of 2011 (which spread to Birmingham and Manchester) was chaos. The 2014 Hrushevskoho Street riots, were 106 died, 1,880 injured, 1,340 hospitalised, 320 arrested for mass rioting and 125+ police officers injured, all because the police decided to confront 200,000+ protestors, that was bloody chaos. 10 people throwing road cones? Come on now Steph, be honest.
However, do we expect anything less from tabloid tripe like The Mail and the BBC? Of course we don't.

As it stands, the protest itself was (to be brutally honest) a little disjointed and lacked organisation. Which was a shame, because the reason behind the march was/is a solid and just reason.

516However, it did give opportunity for like minded people to come together and show unison against an oppressive, fraudulent, dishonorable and tyrannical government. It also gave the opportunity for those to meet, that may not have met under normal circumstances, to discuss ways in which to develop their own way of continuing the good fight, among other things. So, the rally still (in essence) accomplished its intended goal.

So, in closing, I would just like to say a big thank you to all those that attended the march, that came for a peaceful protest and to those that we met. We are all brilliant lights amidst the shadows of these dark times. Never let that light die out.

Remaining silent in the face of injustice is the same as supporting it - Daisaku Ikeda

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