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Fear-mongering: Mainstream media discrimination

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Here we are, back again for another gear grinding moment of the free-thinkers and our abundant hatred for the MSM, helping you find your way out of the maze of propaganda (a.k.a bullshit).
I would like to start by making a point. One of the more predominate points of being a journalist, is to stay on top of current affairs. Which not only means getting out there and finding the story itself, but it also means keeping an eye on all media sources (and when I say all, I mean all), to keep watch for breaking events, or general information that may have been missed by your team. Now the beauty of an alternative media site (such as ourselves) is we can always reblog a gem of an article that we feel is worthy of mentioning and that others ought to see. However, this also means that sometimes we find that real pig of an article, that one that just makes your blood boil and gives you that urge to hunt down the moron that wrote it and the editor that thought it was a good idea and shove it down their throats until they choke on it, or shit out paper mache balls of shame for their idiotic, deplorable behaviour. This article is about the latter.

Recently I have had the misfortune of reading (among others) the Sun news paper, and I have noticed a very common, reoccurring element on all its "big articles" that normal feature on the cover, or within  the first few pages, to which have been so blasé in its discrimination and fear-mongering it's ridiculous. However, what makes it worse, is I have noticed people (on mass) just glancing over it and either ignoring it, being completely ignorant to it, or worse agreeing with it! When did it become acceptable to discriminate against a people? Did I miss that memo? Seriously, What the fuck!?

506I refer of course to the recent articles (not just by The Sun, but by The Mail, The Independent and other papers) stating "MUSLIM CONVERT BEHEADS WOMAN!!". This Is just one of many articles that have come along lately that is a continuation of an attack against those of the Islamic faith. It is once again trying to connect Islam with something bad, to brainwash the masses into believing that being Muslim is bad, through fear and revulsion. Now before any of you get on your high horse and start trying to say I am now being a bias, Muslim douchebag, please be aware I am not Muslim, or religious, I follow no religion at all, I am actually agnostic. I have never at any point in my life been Muslim, Christian, Jewish, or anything else for that matter (except a brief spell as a child when I was baptised in a Orthodox Church and when I started reading Buddhist teachings as a young adult and found its teachings to be quite wise and tried to follow in them).
Using the before mentioned article as an example, I will illustrate to you why this is blatant discrimination, so you can understand in future and be aware the next time you pass by a news stand and see "Muslims slaughter animals by cutting their throats!! If they can do this, think what they could do to YOU, or worst still... YOUR KIDS!"
The man that beheaded that poor old woman, did not kill her as some sort of insane ritual, or terror attack as they would like you to believe in the MSM. He was seen earlier cutting the heads off of cats screaming "the cats have stolen my phone" and that poor old woman unfortunately chose the wrong person to pull up on committing such a gruesome act. In other words, this guy was a fucking lunatic and she told a nut job to stop cutting the heads off of cats, so he attacked her. As fucked up as this is, that is what happened and I know this, because I have bothered to read all the information and look at the police comments stating (and I quote) "we have no reason to believe this is a terror related incident". Of course they bloody don't, because all they had to do was talk to the crazy prick for two seconds to hear him ranting about cats and a stolen phone which he probably lost. So my point here is what the fuck does being a recent Muslim convert have to do with this story? Nothing! absolutely nothing, but as usual the MSM has used that singular point to drive home their bullshit point that everyone who is Muslim is crazy, evil and wants to eat your babies while cutting your head off Halal style. I mean be honest to yourself, have you ever seen any article published by these mainstream sources stating someones religious belief other than Islam with any other reported act of violence? Be honest now, have you? For instance, when that nut job Anders Behring Breivik in Norway went postal and started shooting immigrants while dressed as a cop, after blowing up a car bomb outside a government building in Oslo, was any reference made to him being a Christian? No. So why the constant emphasis on being Muslim if a Muslim does something bad, why didn't we see articles saying "Christian man slaughters 77 people in brutal rampage!"? Like I said, discrimination.

503Now you may think I am blowing this all out of proportion by using this one article, but let me remind you of a couple of months back when the Sun wrote an article forsaking Pizza Express, because they had switched over to using Halal meat. The article then went on a rant about how inhumane Halal slaughter is, omitting the part that Halal slaughter, Kosher slaughter and even general animal slaughter are basically EXACTLY the same, bar either a different prayer, or no prayer at all whilst slaughtering said animal, whether by machine, or by hand. So once again it was an attack on Islam. They even went as far as to say it was a secret, which was a lie, considering the article was published in 2014 and Pizza Express publicly announced they were using Halal meat on Twitter back in 2012. So clearly if the Sun were being honest that they didn't know they were using Halal meat, they either didn't bother to do their research, or they chose to ignore that statement. Which can only mean one of two things, they are incompetent, or once again they lied and used it as a propaganda tool, to fuel hatred among the masses toward those that believe in Islam.

504I now move on to "Jihadi John". This is the nickname the MSM are using for the mysterious, masked assailant of Isis. This has been taken up in multiple MSM papers like the Telegraph, The Sun, The Mail, The Mirror etc. Irrelevant of this man being a douchebag, or not, using the term "Jihadi" is a discriminatory term, as it makes a mockery of the word itself and the peoples belief it is linked to. We have seen the likes of these derogatory, bigoted terms before in racist slang, have we not? Paki, Haji, Pikey, Darky and the list goes on. They are making a mockery of the term Jihad, trying to throw it into some poor attempt at comedy and making it derogatory and belittling a peoples faith, when in actuality the term means "holy war" and is discussed in the Qur'an as the end of days war. This is not something that should be made a joke, as it will offend and in turn can play rise to hostility to those that take offence.

505My point is everything they are printing is an insult to the remaining Muslim community of the planet that are not these random loons. Yet they are pigeonholing them all and trying to slander a peoples faith and for me that is unacceptable. If it is acceptable to say that by the actions of these few Muslims, that all Muslims are this way, then that is like saying that all white men are peadophiles, because of the likes of Jimmy Saville and Rolph Harris, which is wrong. This fear mongering, passive aggressive, discriminating bigotry must stop, because it is fueling anger and hatred towards all Muslims amongst the rest of the general populous and in turn fueling hatred right back from those being victimised. Like Yoda said in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - "fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering" and we can see that suffering now as these attacks on Muslim countries continues by the west, under the guise of peace, but is clearly a case of hostile take over. Articles like the before mentioned are an attempt to dumb the people down and get them on side with these attacks, by working them up into a fear frenzy, so they say "it's the right thing to do", and I tell you now it is not.

Now for those of you still stupid enough to believe that being Muslim is a bad thing, here are two examples of great men whom were and are Muslim and made a huge difference to the world we live in today

509Malcolm X: A man who changed the tide on racial equality in America and in turn, helped the push for the rest of the world. He has been called one of the greatest and most influential African Americans in history

507Muhammad Ali: A boxing legend that changed the worlds perspective of black athletes and black men, by joining the black nationalist movement and turning down service in the Vietnam War, to illustrate the point that it was time for change and that war is wrong. He is one of the worlds most respected athletes of all time

and if that is not enough of a point for you, that not all Muslims are evil, homicidal maniacs, then here are some other public figures that are Muslim and you probably didn't even know

Shaquille O’Neal



Busta Rhymes

Snoop Lion (a.k.a Snoop Dog)

So, now we have brought this blatant discrimination to light, what do we do to stop it? Well my suggestion is to boycott these so called news retailers until they change their ways and actually start bringing us the news, instead of their bias BS opinions that we didn't ask for, or need.

"The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses" - Malcolm X


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